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Ralph Weihermann (Author/Director)

Works at Kigali-Films since 1994.

Brasil: A one-way ride to poverty
Raw materials for the German automotive industry

The wealth of north-eastern Brasil is carried off in an endless line of train loads transporting iron ore for the German automotive industry. Brasil’s Carajas region has been suffering from persistent [ >> More information ]

Alexej Getmann (Author)

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Moritz Folk (Author)

Works at Kigali-Films since 2013.

Julian Barth (Camera)

Works at Kigali-Films since 2008.

Diana Harders (Camera)

 Works at Kigali-Films since 2010.

India: Strong women for more social equality

In Southern India’s Tamil Nadu region gender relations are still defined by century-old traditions. A few women have formed self-help groups. With the support of Kolping India they have gained access [ >> More information ]

Golden times
The false-faced business with gold

Right after the crash of the international financial markets, the demand for gold rose. Gold has never been as expensive as today. It is said to be a safe financial investment. [ >> More information ]

ZDF-planet e
The fairy tale of the eco-friendly car

Erik Hane and Stefan Hanf’s report was filmed in Germany, Brazil and Peru. Where do the natural resources for German cars come from? And how are they exploited? Do environmental problems [ >> More information ]