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ARTE Re: Me and Selenskyj
New President – new hope?

A country that has been at war for over five years overwhelmingly elects an actor and entrepreneur without any prior political experience to become president. That is exactly what happened in [ >> More information ]

Dam break in Brazil
What is Germany’s fault?

What does an environmental disaster in Brazil have to do with consumers in Europe? Claudia Müller-Hoff thinks there is a lot. The Berlin lawyer sees direct connections between a dam break [ >> More information ]

Hoping for rain
Drought in Somaliland

Somaliland is an independent but internationally not admitted state in East Afrika since 1991 with 3 million inhabitants. Because of the ongoing drought the people are threatened by hunger: The reserves [ >> More information ]

Our forest – our future
Save Cambodias Wildlife

  Our forest – our future: Save Cambodias Wildlife In the north-eastern part of Cambodia vast woodlands are beeing cut down to make way for rubber plantations owned by multinational corporations. This [ >> More information ]

Fred Batales disability project

Uganda: Fred Batales disability project – Deutsche Welle / Africa on the move 04.12.2015 In Uganda people with disabilities are stigmatised. Fred Batale took discriminacion as a challenge and started the Disability [ >> More information ]

Sweet idea
baking to counter unemployment in Uganda

Sweet idea: baking to counter unemployment in Uganda – Deutsche Welle / Africa on the move 30.11.2015 Harriet Kakonge’s baking classes are giving unemployed youth the hope of a better future. In a [ >> More information ]

Doreen Omondi
Empowerment through soccer

Doreen Omondi: Empowerment through soccer – Deutsche Welle / Africa on the move 20.11.2015 Doreen Nabwire Omondi is a successful professional soccer player. She now devotes much of her time to an [ >> More information ]

Boniface Mwangi never shuts up

Kenya: Boniface Mwangi never shuts up – Deutsche Welle / Africa on the move 14.12.2015 Boniface Mwangi is a successful photojournalist in Kenya. He had his breakthrough with his photos of the [ >> More information ]

Brasil: A one-way ride to poverty
Raw materials for the German automotive industry

The wealth of north-eastern Brasil is carried off in an endless line of train loads transporting iron ore for the German automotive industry. Brasil’s Carajas region has been suffering from persistent [ >> More information ]

India: Strong women for more social equality

In Southern India’s Tamil Nadu region gender relations are still defined by century-old traditions. A few women have formed self-help groups. With the support of Kolping India they have gained access [ >> More information ]