About Kigali Films

kigali-profilThe story of Kigali-films started in 1994, right after the genocide in Ruanda.

A few weeks after the end of the war our first film production for the German public broadcasting service WDR set about in Goma and Kigali. The documentary dealt with the country’s reconstruction effort, the commitment of German aid workers and Ruanda’s outlook for the future. That was the beginning of our love with this country and Africa in general. And that is why our company is named Kigali Films.

But above all it was the beginning of an intense journalistic engagement with foreign aid policy and the political situation in emerging nations. Today, 20 years later, kigali films’ small but committed team produces reports and documentaries all around the world. Our main customers are public broadcasting services in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As our company name suggest our main focus used to be on Africa, but it has not remained there exclusively. No matter if it is missionary work in Papua New Guinea, Shanghai’s pop culture or the upcoming soccer stars from Brazil’s favelas – wherever people like to tell us their stories, we will be there to ask the right questions.

During a shoot on uranium mining in Brazil in March 2011 the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred in Japan.

Just like other countries Brazil is dependent on nuclear energy. It exploits uranium and runs its own nuclear power plants. For many Brazilians the catastrophe in far-off Fukushima is a reason to cast a more critical view on their country’s nuclear policy.

To help our viewers understand the complexities of a globalized world and to tell exhilarating background stories with fascinating pictures is our passion.

Many “stories” develop from a network of personal contacts and the long-term observation of the political climate, for example, in Northern Ireland, the Balkan and Latin America.

Besides our TV reports, kigali films has specialized in producing films for NGOs like Miserior or Welthungerhilfe due to the fact that there is often a thematic overlap between our work.

In the past years we have increasingly devoted our attention to developments in Europe and we will continue to do so. We will inform you about our current projects, activities and broadcasts on our homepage.

Please feel free to offer your feedback and comments.